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Intro Content and welcome message here

Welcome To Cranky is a new concept in vehicle and service marketing.

Unlike usual Ads Cranks can be saved to your smart phone.
Once saved they behave as an App. Fondly called a CrApp the Ad is placed at the users fingertips.

Instead of relying on potential customers stumbling upon an advert, Cranky actively promotes items across 7 social media platforms, matching products to people.

Cranky also keeps people up to date with news from the motoring world, including shows and motorsport.

Ad Images

For ease of use we recommend that you save your photos to a dedicated folder on your desktop.That makes it easier to find when it comes to uploading them.

If you number them, you can upload them in your preferred order.

Pictures should be in either JPEG or PNG format, with a minimum size of 325 x 325 pixels.Your smartphone Cranky image will default to Image 1 unless you change it in the drop down menu.

Photos should have your item as close to the centre of the picture as possible, both horizontally and vertically.Take your pictures in natural daylight if possible.

Include pictures of any damage or of any significant details.

Ad Description

Start with the title.

A title that's clear, complete and descriptive helps buyers to find your listing.

State exactly what the item is (even if it repeats the category name). Include details such as the make, model, engine size and any other detail that helps it stand out.

Specify the condition of the item. Item conditions vary. Accurately describing your item gives buyers confidence that they'll get the item they want.

The description.

Describe your item in as much relevant detail as possible. Include the mileage, history, colour, specification and any provenance you may hold.

Don’t be tempted to ramble! People will often not read long winded descriptions – stick to the facts. Be as honest as possible. If you vehicle has a scratch or defect, mention it.

People can make a decision before they view instead of finding a suprise. If you are willing to deliver a vehicle, state this in the description.

Ad Type

Choose the type of advert you want to place.

Auction listing – sell to the highest bidder over a set period of time. A reserve can be set.

Classified listing – advertise at your fixed price. You can then negotiate with any potential buyer.


For security, we recommend that you use PayPal for all transactions.This covers debit card payments, credit card payments and direct account payments.If you accept cash or cheque, state this in the advert.We also recommend that you do not release your vehicle until a cheque has cleared.Cranky does not hold any liability for non clearance of cheque payments.


Q :What social media platforms?
Cranky currently promotes via Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo, Twitter and RSS feed. How many followers does have?– Facebook alone currently has more than 3100 followers. Every one of those people are potential customers.Which OS’s are supported by the CrApp?
Android and iOS are supported.Can I edit my adverts at any time?
Yes. Your advert can be edited by you at any time by logging in to your account.I can’t find what I want.
Does that mean I can’t have it?No. If you can\’t find what you’re after, let Cranky know. We will do our best to find it for you.It sounds too good to be true. Is it? – No! It’s really that simple.

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More Than Just an Ad

Once your ad is live visit it on your smart phone with your dedicated cranky web address.

Simply save it to your smart phones home screen and your add is now an App!!.


Dedicated Url

All ads have a dedicated Url

Dedicated QR

All ads have a dedicated QR (Quick Response code)


Cross Platform

Crankys will work on 90% of the smart phones currently available.

Building a Cranky is Simple and Free

Get Started

Cranky’s simple to use cloud interface requires virtually no IT skills. If you can type a letter in ms word your are sorted. Simply get your Add Copy ready before you start so you can cut & paste. Select your pictures from your PC to upload and that’s it you’re done.

What People Say

Social Marketing Included

“Great service. The item I wanted had sold, but the Cranky team soon found me an alternative that was in budget, and was exactly what I wanted.” Richard Wager

Thames Car Radio

“Excellent free service. I had loads of interest in the car and didn’t need to advertise anywhere else.” Bill Sollis

Sollis Motorsport

“Nowhere else could I find this range of products in one place. You could build your garage, buy your project car, restore it, then sell it all on the one page.” Endaf Owens

“Here at SSS we do both on cranky. Buy and Sell. Works every time thanks to Cranky’s unique system” Jonathan Lewis

Snetterton Speed Shop

All Sent to 6000 followers

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Welcome Guys

To our Development site for Cranky Shaft. Please don’t expect what you see to work it’s simply a snapshot of where we are in our development cycle.
This site will become the new Prime Server for Cranky once we have completed our work.
Unlike CrankyShaft this will be using more advanced Ajax technology to deliver a more complete experience for our users.
ETA on the project is presently 3-4 weeks.
Thanks for dropping in.